Quest film of the Rukami international cyber festival: absolute immersion in the atmosphere of the future

Participants Of the Rukami international cyber festival of ideas and technologies will experience a new level of full immersion in the technological future of humanity. A teaser for an interactive quest film about the technological future of humanity has been released. The film will be the basis of the program of the Rukami international cyber festival of ideas and technologies, which will be held on November 28-29, 2020. In leading roles: Yuri Borisov ("Kalashnikov", "The World. Friendship. Chewing gum"), Gleb Kalyuzhny ("Whirlpool", "Territory"), Anfisa Chernykh ("Geographer Globus drank"," Just imagine what we know"), Maxim Khanzhov ("medicine Man"), Milana Gasymova (popular TikTok blogger), Olga Kleshchevnikova (popular TikTok blogger).

The Rukami quest movie is made in the format of an interactive movie, familiar to the viewer from the sensational episode of" Black mirror " Bandersnatch. These are five self-contained short series, each of which is an immersion in one of the career paths of the future: an AR pet trainer, an artist, a space Explorer, an eSports player, and an architect of living systems. How the story ends and what fate awaits the characters, the viewer decides. At first glance, in the city of the future, Metropolis, everything is different: technology has changed the idea of routine things-from walking the dog to drawing. Nevertheless, people remain the same — they fall in love and make friends, are shy and envious, worry and dream of changing the world.

"The main difference between these shootings is that we literally found a time machine to the future," Yura Borisov shares her impressions of the shooting.

To find out how the fate of the characters will turn out and influence the course of events, the audience will have to spend metacoins — the virtual currency of the Rukami festival, which is easy to get for visiting the technology lecture hall, asking questions to speakers, participating in maker workshops, passing quizzes, voting for the winners of the project competition, and other activities of the Metropolis universe.

"The Rukami festival is about creativity in all its forms, about inspiring people to find new solutions in the context of the accelerating pace of change. It would be strange not to offer a new creative solution for the event this year. Cyberfestival is not just a beautiful name, we have created a project that is truly unique in the scale of the Russian event industry — a real cyber universe with its own architecture, philosophy and economy, " says Natalia smelkova, Rukami project Manager. — And to dive into it, we shot a full-fledged short series with talented and popular actors and popular bloggers in the main roles."

Rukami international cyber festival of ideas and technologies will be held on November 28-29 in a hybrid format. Participants will enjoy a unique cyber universe with bright headliners, direct inclusions from fablabs and Cmits from the Netherlands, the USA and Britain, a musical show program and much more. In addition, special activities for participants will be held at more than 150 technical creativity sites across the country.

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