Oksana Tarasenko: Rospatent needs to create a methodology for assessing the contribution of intellectual property to the Russian economy

On November 24, a meeting of the Board of Rospatent was held under the chairmanship of the head of the Department Grigory Ivliev. The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Ilyas Umakhanov, Deputy Minister of economic development Oksana Tarasenko, member of the Federation Council from the Novgorod region Sergey Fabrichny, President of the Eurasian patent office (EAPO) Saule Tlevlesova, Director of the Department of innovation and advanced research of the Ministry of education and science Vadim Medvedev, first Deputy General Director of Roscosmos Maxim Ovchinnikov, etc.

During the meeting, issues related to the development of Eurasian integration in the field of intellectual property, increasing patent activity and the quality of management of rights to technologies created with the participation of the state were discussed. Attention was also paid to the control powers of Rospatent as a special element of public administration.

During her speech, Oksana Tarasenko reminded that in order to ensure Rospatent's customer orientation, digitalization of the intellectual property sphere, growth of patent activity, and building international relations, The intellectual property roadmap was formed and implemented with the participation of business representatives and the expert community. "In the near future, it will be necessary to develop a methodology for assessing the value (contribution to the economy) of the intellectual property sphere; analyze the structure of patent activity and the activities of key market participants and R & d developers in order to identify key problems; work out with the Federal tax service of Russia the problems of applying tax benefits. Regulatory and legal measures necessary to solve problems will be included in the additional package of measures of the" road map "of the TDK when it is updated," she said.

Commenting on the development of the Eurasian integration in the field of intellectual property, Grigory Ivliev said that currently there is a multi-level system of integration processes in the Eurasian space. "Strengthening integration processes in the Eurasian region is an absolute priority of Rospatent's international activities. Eurasian integration is carried out on the platforms of the EAEU, the Eurasian patent organization, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Given the growing role of intangible assets, development of economy based on knowledge, scientific and technological capacity, enhancing the effectiveness of intellectual property protection plays a key role for the economic development of the region", - said Grigory Ivliev. The key achievement in the development of Eurasian integration is the establishment of regional systems for registering intellectual property objects, the head of Rospatent stressed.

The Eurasian space has already developed a successful system of regional protection of inventions – the applicant receives a single patent, which is valid on the territory of 8 countries. 2 regional registration systems are in the process of being established: industrial designs (through the EAPO) and trademarks and nmpt (through the EEU). Two major agreements establishing new regional registration systems have been developed and signed. The Russian Federation has ratified both acts.

"Of the common problems currently being solved in the field of intellectual property, I will name three: the creation of the Eurasian pharmaceutical register, the introduction of exceptions to the regional principle of exhaustion of rights, and the creation of the Eurasian judicial jurisdiction," Grigory Ivliev said.

In turn, Ilyas Umakhanov noted that the Federation Council consistently supports the systematic initiatives of Rospatent and the professional community to transform the sphere of intellectual property, digitalize public services, stimulate inventive activity, and commercialize Russian developments. At the meeting of the Board, he spoke about the legislative activity of the Federation Council in the field of intellectual property, including the ratification of international agreements prepared by Rospatent. The expediency of expanding the scope of the EEU Treaty in the future through geographical indications was noted.

According to him, as part of the implementation of the order of the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, together with Rospatent, it was possible to increase the number of registered traditional goods of Russian regions as nmpt. This work was carried out in 38 regions. As a result, 73 nmpt were registered. And after the law on geographical indication came into force on July 26, 29 more applications for state registration were received from 15 subjects. Umakhanov suggested that the possibility of joining the Geneva act of the Lisbon agreement on names of origin and geographical indications should be considered, which would allow Russian manufacturers to use an international mechanism for effective legal protection of regional brands.

The Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council reminded that in the ranking of patent activity of countries and territories of the world, Russia ranks 8th (38,000 applications). He expressed hope that the situation will change for the better in the future, adding that in 2019, China is the leader of the rating with 1.5 million applications. The second place in the rating is occupied by the United States (597,000 applications), and the third - by Japan (313,000 applications).

Ilyas Umakhanov also noted the ongoing work in Russia to amend the law on patent attorneys. As of today, 2237 patent attorneys are registered in the register of patent attorneys in Russia. Most of them (93%) are concentrated in the regions of the Central, North-Western and Volga Federal districts. At the same time, in 49 regions of Russia, they are either absent, or there are three or less of them, he added.

Speaking at the meeting, Saule Tlevlesova thanked the Russian side for the prompt ratification of the Protocol on the protection of industrial designs (completed on November 23, 2020 at the same time with Kazakhstan) and noted the expediency of working on further expanding the scope of the Eurasian patent system through utility models, introducing a system for registering license agreements within the framework of the Eurasian patent organization and the importance of expanding electronic filing of applications, and supported the creation of a register of pharmacologically active active substances protected by an invention patent and a regional trademark protection system.

Sergey Fabrichny proposed on behalf of the Novgorod regional public organization VOIR to hold the International Assembly of young inventors of the EAEU countries in Veliky Novgorod on may 19 - 21, 2021. The Board accepted the proposal unanimously.

At the Board meeting with a report on: "Control and Supervisory powers in the field of legal protection and use of the results of intellectual activity of civil, military, special and dual-use, created at the expense of budget allocations of the Federal budget, as a special element of public administration" was made by the head Of the Department of control, supervision and legal protection of state interests of Rospatent Angela Kus. She told the meeting participants about the existing problems in this area, as well as about the measures taken by Rospatent to prevent and eliminate violations in the field of legal protection. "The transition to analytical support using state information systems is the future of control activities. We will create a system that will show the effectiveness of any ongoing R & d," Grigory Ivliev summed up the report.

Source: https://economy.gov.ru/material/news/oksana_tarasenko_rospatentu_nuzhno_sozdat_metodiku_ocenki_vklada_v_ekonomiku_rf_sfery_intellektualnoy_sobstvennosti.html

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