NTI tasks are integrated into the "Road map" for the transformation of the business climate

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the roadmap for business climate transformation "New types of business activities based on the introduction of advanced technologies". The document includes measures to improve the regulatory framework that will eliminate barriers to the development of the national technology initiative AutoNet, AERONET, Marinet and Neuronet markets, as well as encourage capital inflows to high-tech industries.

The roadmap presents initiatives with a deadline of June 2022. During the implementation of the document, expert groups provide direct contact between government authorities, entrepreneurs and industry specialists and help them jointly manage systemic changes in the business environment.

In particular, the road map provides for regulating the features of collecting, processing, storing and distributing big data related to motor transport and road infrastructure. Measures are also planned to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport, including electric vehicles. For the development of the domestic market of unmanned aircraft systems, it is planned to introduce restrictions on state purchases of such systems of foreign production. In order to develop modern medicine, the roadmap provides for accelerated registration procedures for medicines.

A separate block of initiatives is dedicated to improving investment mechanisms in the Russian market. So, with the participation of RVC in 2021, it is planned to develop and amend the Federal law "on investment partnerships". Restrictions on participation in the DIT of entities that are not legal entities, as well as restrictions on the number of participants and the deadline for the validity of the DIT, will be eliminated, and procedures related to the notarization procedure will be optimized. In addition, amendments to the Tax code are envisaged, which will exempt operations on the sale of shares in an investment partnership from value-added tax.

For the development of technology transfer, legal opportunities for cooperation between universities and private businesses will be improved through shared ownership of companies and the transfer of rights and commercialization of intellectual property results.

Source: https://www.rvc.ru/press-service/news/company/159306/

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