BIO Tech World / the World of biotechnology 2020 - international specialized exhibition

The purpose of the exhibition is to help accelerate the development of the Russian scientific, technological and production base of the BioIndustry to ensure the country's drug and industrial safety on the principles of import substitution, to create a pool of biotechnological enterprises operating in various economic segments and focused on production based on the use of renewable resources and the latest domestic developments of high-demand bio-products for health and medicine, industry, agriculture and forestry, energy, transport, housing and communal services, ecology and other areas.

Subject: Science and innovation, new technologies

Venue: Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Russia)

Organizers: RED GROUP

Thematic sections of the exhibition:


Products and services of biotechnology companies for the end user.

Biologically active additives, geroprotectors.

Biologics for medicine and cosmetology, as well as ready-made products based on them.

Biological and genetic tests.

Mobile technologies and individual diagnostic equipment.


Laboratory and analytical equipment and bioanalytical complexes.

“Smart” (smart) laboratory.

Processes and devices for biotechnological production and laboratory research (bioreactors and measuring equipment).

Reagents and kits.

Nutrient medium.

Expendable material.


Software products for biotechnology.

Large data sets - Big Data.

Cloud technologies and services.

Data banks in biotechnology. IT solutions for biological tasks.


Personalized diagnostics and treatment.

Biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical companies.

Biochips and biosensors.

Genetic engineering and biocompatible materials.

Biomedical and robotic technologies


The entire range of bio-products for the food industry, agro-industrial complex, biogeology, industrial production, as well as bio-agents for environmental protection and restoration.

Production technology.

Alternative energy sources, including renewable raw materials.


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