System of voluntary certification «Made on the Don»

The system of voluntary certification "Made on Don" was developed by the federal budget institution " State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Rostov Region "(FBU "Rostov CSM") and registered with the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) within the framework of State Contact No. 24 dated 25.10.2013.
The state customer is the Department of the consumer market of the Rostov region.

Objectives of the creation: participation in the creation of a rich and prosperous Rostov region, including through the creation of a unified regional system for assessing the quality of goods and services based on increased requirements for local products, compliance of enterprises manufacturing and selling their products with the most stringent international requirements and requirements of retail chains, creation of a certification mechanism for enterprises on the principle of "one window".

The system provides for voluntary certification throughout the Rostov region and is open to participation in it by legal entities and (or) individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity, registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and/or manufacturing products on the territory of the Rostov region, recognizing and complying with its rules. 

The following products are not included in the scope of accreditation of the System:

- medicines, tobacco products;
- food products containing genetically modified organisms;
- objects that do not meet the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union (inappropriate labeling, lack of necessary certificates, declarations, certificates of state registration, etc.);
- food products whose labeling does not have an identification code (bar code);
goods, the name of which allows the fundamental possibility of the consumer's idea of the ownership of these goods to a foreign manufacturer.

The main tasks of the System:

objective, reliable, competent confirmation of the compliance of objects with the requirements of the System;
confirmation that the products that have been certified within the framework of the System ensure compliance with the requirements of current legislation, international standards and the requirements of retail chains;
conducting an objective assessment of the processes of functioning of quality management systems, food safety and analysis of the implementation of these systems in the production processes of enterprises.

Results and prospects:

- compliance of enterprises with unified increased requirements, including the requirements of international standards, the requirements of the WTO and the Customs Union, etc.;
- formation of a solid, recognizable and respected image of products produced in the Rostov region as a set of high-- quality modern goods that prove compliance with the highest international standards;
- promoting compliance of products and commercial policies of enterprises with the requirements of retail chains;
- formation of the image of the Rostov region as a territory of stable production, significant export capabilities and high quality;
- encouraging enterprises to continuously improve their products, use marketing tools, create competitive advantages and powerful brands, strengthen their market position and strive for excellence in quality;
- promoting compliance of products with modern consumer expectations and preferences;
stimulating loyalty and consumer demand for goods produced by enterprises of the Rostov region, increasing the status of goods with officially confirmed quality;
- creating the possibility of an informed and competent choice of products by consumers by focusing on the sign and certificate of the System and providing them with reliable information not only about safety, but also about the quality of products;
- reducing the cost of goods by establishing uniform requirements for manufactured products by unifying requirements, including those that include the requirements of retail chains.

The completed package of documents and the completed application signed by the head of the Applicant company are submitted to the Central Authority in electronic (PDF format) or paper form, choosing any convenient method of communication:


Certification body — FBU "Rostov CSM"

Email address:

Postal address: 58 Sokolov Ave., office 26D, Rostov-on-Don, 344010

Tel.: (863) 218-44-15, (863) 264-19-74


Information and marketing center — GKU RO "Rostsystem"

Email address:

Postal address: 43/2 M. Nagibin Ave., Rostov-on-Don, 344068

Tel.: (863) 242-29-08, (863) 242-29-06

The register of users of the sign of the voluntary certification system "Made on Don":

Updated: July 2021