Success Stories


Biological drug treatment of the environment from pesticides

The company "Bioland", won in the category "Best promising project" development of a "Biological product to clean up the environment from pesticides", are actually built into the global trend of growth of "organic agriculture".



OOO "BVN engineering" established on 16 July 1991 by a group of scientists at the initiative of the brink of Ivan Yurevich with the purpose of manufacture machines and devices of light industry and workwear


Scientific-production Association "NIIPAV"

Scientific-production Association "NIIPAV" is a leading developer and major manufacturer – supplier of functional surfactants and products based on them to the markets of Russia and abroad


LLC "Piezoelectric"

Scientific-production enterprise LLC "Piezoelectric" was established in 1992 on the basis of NCTB "Piezopribor" Rostov state University (now SFU)


OOO "the North Caucasus logistics enterprise"

The company was founded in 1976 as the warehouse distribution center of Consumer cooperation of the USSR in the North Caucasus


LLC "Center of human reproduction and IVF"

Inspired dreams is a book about Bronislava Berkovsky Dr. Orlov, published in Rostov-on-don in 2007