NP "the Uniform regional center of innovative development of the Rostov region"

In November 2013, on behalf of the Governor of Rostov region V. Yu. Golubev in the Rostov region, the non-profit partnership "the Uniform regional center of innovative development of the Rostov region".
The main objective of NP "ERTIR RO is the effective interaction of all participants of innovative processes, including the subjects of innovation activity, participants of territorial clusters, educational institutions and science, non-profit and public organizations, state authorities and local governments, investors, innovators, inventors.
The founders ERCER made Rostov oblast in the face of Department of investments and entrepreneurship of Rostov region, as well as leading Universities of the region: FGAOU VPO "South Federal University", FGBOU VPO "don state technical University", FGBOU VPO "South-Russian state Polytechnic University (NPI). M. I. Platova.
On the basis of non ERTER RO carry out activities of the following departments:
In April 2014 on the basis of ERCER created the Center for cluster development of the Rostov region. The main goal of the Center for cluster development of the Rostov region is creating conditions for effective interaction of enterprises-participants of territorial clusters, educational institutions and science, non-profit and public organizations, state authorities and local governments, investors in the development of the territorial cluster, ensuring the implementation of joint activation of cluster initiatives in the Rostov region.
Objectives of the Center:
• Analysis of potential development and prospects of clusters development on the territory of Rostov region;
• Development of programs and projects of development of territorial clusters and investment programs;
• Monitoring the state of innovation, scientific and production potential of regional clusters;
• Development and implementation of joint cluster projects involving participants of territorial clusters, educational institutions and science and other interested parties;
• Organization of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel, provision of consulting services in the interests of participants in the cluster;
• To assist the participants of territorial clusters to receive the state support;
• Bringing to the market new products (services) of participants of territorial clusters;
• Organization of conferences, seminars in the sphere of interests of the members of the cluster.
In February 2015 on the basis of ERCER created Regional integrated centre of Rostov region.
Regional integrated centre of the Rostov region carries out activities aimed at the promotion of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship of the Russian Federation and European countries in establishing and developing mutually beneficial business, technological and scientific cooperation and the provision of information and consulting support of organizations and enterprises of Rostov region.
The main objectives of the Regional integrated centre are:
a) the involvement of subjects of small and medium enterprises in the internationalization process in accordance with the procedures, regulations and standards of the Russian representative office of the European network of business support (Consortium EEN – Russia) and the European network of business support;
b) facilitating the expansion of small and medium entrepreneurship at the international and interregional markets of goods, services and technologies;
C) promote the competitiveness and efficiency of export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses.
Regional integrated centre organizes the annual contest "Best exporter of the year". Position about the competition "the Best exporter of the year" among the subjects of small and average business of the Rostov region (Annex No. 10)
Business accelerator provides assistance in the creation and promotion of innovative startups, commercialization of innovative developments.
Main functions:
• find relevant technical solutions from individual developers, technology transfer centers of universities, research institutes, etc.;
• examination of the commercial viability of innovation projects and the development of strategies for their commercialization;
• attraction to cooperation of entrepreneurs, focused on creating high-tech start-up companies, forming project teams;
• consultation on the subject of the formation of product concept, business model and marketing strategy;
• to assist in the preparation of documents for investors of early stages of development;
• attraction of financing in projects.
The center of cooperation with Federal development institutions. The mission of the Foundation implements innovative development programmes, which are aimed at creation of new and development of existing high-tech companies and the commercialization of scientific and technological activities.
Involvement of small innovative enterprises in the Fund's programmes allows you to bring the development from scientific ideas to create sustainable businesses that are attractive to domestic and foreign investors. Innovation projects of enterprises are subject to independent expertise for their scientific and engineering novelty, financial and economic feasibility, the prospect of market sales.
NP ERCER RO is located at Rostov-on-don, Pushkinskaya str 80 tel: (863)333-21-35.